About ME


Welcome, to my page UNADULTERATED REIGN, I am the author and blogger of this page as you can see. On this page it will showcase my struggles, my lifestyle, my background all into one and how it shapes me as a person.

Your probably wondering.. How did I come up with this website name?
Unadulterated means complete and absolute and not mixed with other things like an element. As for Reign, to me it represents a lifespan, a timeline, a period of someones life and this is the lifestyle that I wanted to showcase, hinting the name of it. Being raised by African parents and in Bronx, New York comes obstacles, stereotypes, and expectations. The whole point of this site is to show the real me and break from those stereotypes as a being an African American and being born and raised in the Bronx. This is to showcase the real me, who I am and what I am about.

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Thank you,